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Our Story

During a week of fasting and prayer back in 2008, Egide Ruzindana heard the audible voice of God telling him, - “Go all - over the world and tell my People to Preach the good news”. In the evening of that day, he shared his experience before the church, after which he also received spiritual guidance and encouragement from one of the church leaders to further seek God on how to do this work he was called to do. This led him to seek God for further instruction. A few weeks later, as he walked out of the office premises where he worked at the time, he saw 2 young boys with tattered clothes carrying sacks on their backs. Immediately, his heart leaped, and he was drawn to speak to them. He hurriedly approached and struck up a conversation with them. “I feel like God is telling me to join with you in sharing His Word all over the world,” he said to them. To which they agreed immediately and were very receptive. Arrangements were made to meet, and before long, the number of children grew, and fellowships were conducted once every Saturday of the week. From then on, Love For Hope Ministries was born.
Over 5000 children empowered
The Ministry is currently operating in Bugesera, empowering over 5000 children and covering 3 districts in Rwanda. It has witnessed the transformation of children through its interventions, who were once living on the street but have now changed to become responsible, productive, and dignified members of society.

Our Mission

Fostering a holistic favorable environment for a child’s well being, especially children in the street situation, emphasizing locally viable solutions.

Our Vision

A Transformed Child for a Better Society.

Our Core Values





Why We Do What We Do

At Love For Hope Ministry(LFHM), we are driven by a divine calling and a clear vision to transform lives through the love of Christ. Our foundation stems from a profound spiritual experience in 2008 when our founder, Egide Ruzindana, was inspired to preach the good news globally. This mission has since evolved into a comprehensive approach to tackle the pressing challenges faced by children, particularly those living on the streets.

Addressing Profound Needs:

Rwanda, while on a path of recovery and development, continues to face significant socio-economic challenges. Many children grow up in environments marked by poverty, limited access to quality education, and insufficient moral guidance. The historical hardships of the nation have left scars that require more than just educational and economic intervention; they need healing and moral rebuilding.

Filling the Gaps

Traditional approaches to these challenges have often focused on infrastructural and immediate economic relief, which, while essential, do not fully address the deeper, long-standing issues of spiritual and moral disorientation. LFHM recognizes that true transformation requires addressing these root causes holistically.

Spiritual and Emotional Healing

By integrating our faith-based principles, we offer more than physical support; we provide spiritual and emotional healing. This is crucial for building resilience and fostering a generation capable of leading the nation forward with integrity and hope. Our commitment goes beyond immediate relief, aiming to instill a sense of self-worth, purpose, and direction in the children we serve. We believe that by addressing these deep-rooted issues with a comprehensive, Christ-centered approach, we can transform individual lives and, by extension, entire communities for a better society.

Our Approaches

Holistic Empowerment: We engage children in their own transformation journey, using a holistic approach that addresses spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. Through programs in evangelism, discipleship, education, and life skills training, we ensure that every child recognizes their intrinsic value and potential.

Community and Youth Engagement

Recognizing the importance of a nurturing environment, we extend our efforts to include youth and community empowerment. This involves equipping parents, guardians, and community members with the skills and knowledge needed to support the holistic development of children. Our initiatives also emphasize gender equality and the active participation of all community members in fostering child well-being.

Collaboration and Sustainability

Our efforts are complemented by strong partnerships with local leaders, churches, education entities, government bodies, local and international organizations. We focus on sustainable solutions that the community can own and lead, ensuring long-lasting impact.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

Faith and Love at the Core

What sets Love For Hope apart is our foundation in faith and love. Our name itself—derived from the biblical insight that God's love is transformative—guides every action we take. We believe that by inculcating children with God’s love, we inspire hope and direction for a fulfilling life.

Integrated Child-Centered Development

We don't just address the symptoms of children’s issues; we tackle the root causes by integrating evangelism and discipleship, child rights and welfare, youth and community empowerment. This comprehensive approach ensures that children not only survive but thrive.

Community-Based Solutions

Our strategies are locally driven, developed through direct interactions with the communities we serve. This bottom-up approach ensures that our programs are culturally relevant, sustainable, and directly address the specific needs and challenges faced by the communities.


Love For Hope Ministries embodies a commitment to transforming societies one child at a time. By empowering children and their communities with the tools to change their own lives, we are building a brighter, more hopeful future for societies. Join us in spreading hope and transforming lives through the profound power of Christ’s love.

Our Team

Ruzindana Egide

Founder & Executive Director

Kabiito David

Communication & Fundraising Manager

Uwera Devothe


Hakizimana Ibrahim

Head of Sports & Games


Head of Vocational Training

Ndagijimana Baptista

Head of Evangelism & Discipleship

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